About Us


I was born and raised in Taiwan, a country rich in tea culture who celebrated tea in all occasions of life.

Growing up, I loved the ceremony of making and drinking tea and always dreamt of having my own tea business.

Decades on, with qualifications in wellness coaching and permaculture and a vast knowledge of tea, Teaspoon Co was born.

It is my absolute honour to share the culture of tea in the purest form. I have sourced only organic ingredients from Australian companies, to give you the highest quality teas that are free from chemicals, additives and artificial flavours.

Our blends will nourish your soul from head to toe so you can enjoy your organic cup of tea anytime, any place!

Our ethical values:

  • We provide 100% organic ingredients sourced from Australian companies;
  • We commit to 100% sustainability (paper and bamboo packaging and our deliveries are through a carbon-neutral courier service).

Why Teaspoon Co?  We create teas that: 

  • Wake up your senses;
  • Provide you with energy to manage your day;
  • Give you clarity (without the jitter of coffee);
  • Stimulate your creativity;
  • Calm your mind, body and soul;
  • Soothe your stomach; 
  • Motivate you.

 Why tea is amazing for us:

  • The ritual of making and drinking tea is very therapeutic, nourishing for both the body and soul;
  • It provides us with a moment of mindfulness, engaging all our senses;  
  • Tea is rich in antioxidants and has numerous medicinal benefits;
  • Herbal teas are great for hydration; 
  • Drinking tea cuddles you with comfort;
  • Sharing tea brings people together.